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Additional biosecurity information at Aalborg Dressage Event 201910-05-2019 - 20:00

Addressed to participants at Aalborg Dressage Event May 16-19 2019.

At the moment there is a localized outbreak of herpes virus 1-4 with horses displaying neurological symptoms at one equestrian facility in Denmark. The facility is strictly isolated and a quarantine has been instituted for 28 days. All horses that have been in contact with the facility, when disease was initially identified (fever), have been traced, and are also isolated and monitored (including their contact horses) for a minimum of 21 days. The facility is located 130 km away from Aalborg. No spread of disease has been recorded at other equestrian facilities.


Based on the information above the Danish Equestrian Federation has decided to take the following precautions:

  1. A biosecurity monitoring plan is being instituted.
  2. All the horses permanently based at Aalborg Sportsrideklub (facility for Aalborg Dressage Event) are being monitored on a daily basis before the event.
  3. During the monitoring period rectal temperature of the horses is taken twice daily. Temperatures below 38,30 c is considered within normal.
  4. If there is increased temperature, signs of nasal discharge or cough or other clinical signs of infectious disease before the event the Danish Equestrian Federation is notified and veterinary evaluation is instigated and sufficient measures will be taken in liason with FEI Veterinary Department.
  5. All horses participating at the event should be monitored 5 days prior to arrival (measurement of rectal temperature twice daily and clinical signs of infectious disease).
  6. Horses will not be allowed to attend Aalborg Dressage Event 2019 if:
     a. The horse has increased temperature, nasal discharge, cough or other clinical signs of infectious disease during the monitoring period.
    b. Other horses at the home stable of the competition horse displays any clinical signs of contagious infectious disease.
  7. Examination on arrival at the Event venue will include measurement of rectal temperature before the horses are allowed to enter the stables.

These precautions are taken in liaison between the Danish Equestrian Federation and the FEI Veterinary Department. All participants will be informed immediately if there are any changes in the biosecurity status.


We apologize for the inconvenience these precautions cause, but as we all appreciate, it is important to handle the risk of potential spread of infectious disease.


10/5 2019
Danish Equestrian Federation

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