In Aalborg and its surrounding areas, there is a multitude of attractions for adults as well as children. The following is a list of the most popular:

Aalborg Zoo
In Aalborg Zoo, you can experience more than 140 different species and it is the only place in Denmark where you can see the largest animal in the world, the African elephant. You can also meet the large orangutan and not to forget the polar bears in their wonderful enclosure which is considered among one of the best in the world. The zoo also has a considerable outdoor facility for its tigers and lions. In Aalborg Zoo, there is a large playing ground and park where you can enjoy your picnic basket or use the barbeque facilities if you do not wish to buy your food in one of the many cafées or kiosks around the zoo.

Leo’s Legeland (Leo’s Play World)
For childen and playful adults, the 4,500 square meters of Leo’s Legeland is definitely worth a visit. Here, you will find jungle gyms, ball pools, trampolines, bikes, tunnels, ball cannons, slides and so much more. Furthermore, it is also possible to relax and have a bite to eat.

Lindholm Høje
Should you be interested in history, Lindholm Høje (the Barrows of Lindholm), one of the remnants of Danish history, is situated close to Aalborg. This burial site is from the late Iron Age and the Viking Age with 682 tombs. North of the barrows, there are evidences of houses, fences, wells, and fireplaces which testify to an attached village. In the museum, you can see archeologic exhibitions on the Iron Age and the Viking Age which show how the inhabitants of Lindholm lived.

The Springer Museum
The Springer Museum offers a multitude of experiences in its exhibition on life at sea and on the development of the Aalborg Harbor throughout time. At this museum, you can become captain of the day and test your abilities while you sail through the harbor of Aalborg and the Limfjord in the museum simulator. In the Springer submarine, you can also put yourself in the role of the captain. The submarine is anchored side by side with other exciting vessels. Outside the museum, you will find Aalborg Mini-city, which is a reconstruction in scale 1:10 of the houses of Aalborg from 1870.

Aalborg Defence- and Garrison Museum
Aalborg Defence- and Garrison Museum is no doubt worth a visit if you are interested in experiencing at close hand the firearms, vehicles, cannons, aircrafts, motorcycles, and so much more in a large hangar from World War 2. Here, you will also find a comprehensive exhibition on the Danish occupation period and Danish Total Defense: the Danish Army, Air Force, Home Guard, Police and the National Rescue Service.

Aalborg Historiske Museum (The Historical Museum of Aalborg)
At the Historical Museum of Aalborg, there are several attractions for both children and adults as it provides insight into the history of the city and its surroundings through the latest 1000 years. In the “Gavlhuset”, you can see excavations of well-preserved houses from ancient times. The museum provides a unique view into the development of the city through archeological excavations and through a multitude of photos, paintings and lithographs.

Aalborgtårnet (The Aalborg Tower)
The highest, outdoor elevator of the Nordic countries takes you 55 meters up through the tower to experience the beautiful view of Aalborg. The tower was built in 1933 and is a total of 105 meters above sea surface. At the platform, there is a bistro where you can enjoy food and drinks. If you wish to visit the tower, please be aware that the tower is closed in windy weather (>10-12 m/sec).

Gråbrødrekloster Museet
The “Gråbrødrekloster” museum is an underground museum, three meters below the pedestrian street Algade in the centre of Aalborg. Outside the “Salling”-department store in Algade, you take the elevator down to see the remains of the old Franciscan monastery with skeletons and Viking findings. Through the many ruins, the museum exhibits the history of the monastery established around year 1250, and its surrounding marketplace, city houses, etc,.

The Utzon Center
In a unification of architecture, design and art, the Utzon Center of Aalborg is designed by the famous Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, who grew up in Aalborg and was inspired by its beautiful waterfront. Besides many changing exhibitions at the center, you can also experience the wonderful “Spidsgatter” Shipyard Hall and an exciting café and restaurant with a view over the Limfjord and the waterfront of Aalborg.

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