Precautions and vet check

In order to avoid infection and spread of diseases during Aalborg Dressage Event, all participating horses at the event, both FEI horses and those participating in the national competitions, must do the following:

  • 1. Prior to arrival at the event site:Daily temperature measurements at home before the event. If the horse's temperature is above 38.3 °C, contact your own veterinarian. The last temperature measurement must be made on the day of departure.

  • 2. On arrival at the event site:All participating horses are checked by a veterinarian before they can enter the venue site. There is no access for the horses before they have been inspected by the vet.

It is also important to establish that there are NO infected or ill horses with the flu or herpes virus in the venue.

Thank you for helping to stop the spread of infection.

Start and Results

The timetable can stil be changed, therefor use the above link (to be updated) and check the exact time for your ride. 

Timetable CDI3*

Timetable CDI3*:

Timetable for vetcheck